"Stop Kiss"

By Grace McGrath '24, April 26, 2021
Ithaca College Theatre presents “Stop Kiss”

Ithaca College Theatre Arts proudly presents "Stop Kiss" to be streamed May 1. Written by American Playwright Diana Son, the play explores compassion, hardship and commitment while following the story of two lovers, Callie and Sara. 

In New York City, Callie and Sara are attacked by a bystander for sharing their first kiss in public. The play recalls flashbacks from the night of the attack and how this has affected their relationship and their individual identities. The issues brought up in this production are reminders to society that attacks on the LGBTQ+ community still happen, and action to prevent these assaults is needed now more than ever. 

Viewing Information

In accordance with New York State COVID-19 guidelines and campus protocols, Ithaca College Theatre Arts is recording a session of “Stop Kiss” and sharing it via a streamed link on Saturday, May 1. Like and follow our digital media @ictheatrearts (Instagram) and Ithaca College Theatre Arts (Facebook) for further viewing instructions.

Dramaturg, Nellie Speers, reflects on the power and impact of the story.

"Stop Kiss explores the intersection between self-perception and cultural identity. Callie and Sara navigate their new connection while investigating deeper parts of their sexuality. Their chemistry is the driving force of the play. Although Stop Kiss uses the comparatively limited vocabulary of the ‘90s to describe a LGBTQ+ narrative, the themes of this story remain relevant in our contemporary context. Stop Kiss asks the audience to question the perception of personal identity in comparison to public persona."

Cast and Creative Team

The Cast of “Stop Kiss” features:

  • Isabelle Dickey: Callie
  • AnnaJo Lubasi: Sara
  • Eric Leigh: George
  • Colin McKechnie: Peter/Detective Cole Cover
  • Alaysia Renay Duncan: Mrs. Winsley/Callie Cover/Ensemble
  • Oscar Izenson: Detective Cole/Peter Cover/Ensemble
  • Shannon Wright: Sara and Mrs. Winsley Cover/Ensemble
  • Dario Vazquez: Detective Coles Cover
  • Neftali Benitez: George Cover

The Creative team of “Stop Kiss” features:

  • Paula Murray Cole: Director
  • Sophia Egner: Assistant Director
  • Nellie Speers: Dramaturg
  • Nate Kaufman: Scenic/Props/Costume Designer
  • Chris Perone: Lighting Designer
  • Beth Truax: Sound Designer
  • Mackenzie Seewagen: Production Stage Manager
  • Amanda Blitz: Assistant Stage Manager
  • Jordan Wiener: Assistant Stage Manager
  • Brian Hanshaw: Student Mentor