Video Spotlights Ithaca College President

By Stephen Shoemaker, July 20, 2018
Former First Lady Michelle Obama and others promote the Posse Foundation in a new video, which highlights Shirley M. Collado’s journey from Posse Scholar to college president.

Michelle Obama, Colin Powell and former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are among the notable faces in a new video promoting the Posse Foundation, the organization that played a critical role in Ithaca College President Shirley M. Collado’s life.

The video, posted to the foundation’s homepage, focuses on the key role diversity will play in solving the biggest problems in the United States, highlights the mission of the Posse Foundation, and spotlights Collado’s journey as the daughter of immigrant parents who was determined to attend college, all the way to IC president.

The Posse Foundation identifies promising high school student leaders and helps send them to partner colleges and universities in a group — a posse — to provide mutual support and encouragement. Collado was in the first posse assembled by the organization. In 2010, the foundation was among the select recipients to receive a portion of the $1.4 million dollar grant from former President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.