WICB and ICTV Take Home Awards at College Broadcasters Convention

By Vy Huynh, November 29, 2017

WICB and ICTV Take Home Awards at College Broadcasters Convention

WICB and ICTV, the student-run radio and television stations at Ithaca College, won major awards at the 2017 National Student Electronic Media Convention, sponsored by College Broadcasters, Inc. The convention was held in San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 2-4.

WICB’s Michayla Savitt ’17 won second place in the best audio DJ category.

"I am honored to even be nominated for this award,” said Savitt. “It's a joy and a privilege to open up the mic and know that my words could have a positive impact on listeners. I have my talented peers and wonderful mentor, Chris Wheatley, to thank for being by my side through my four years in college radio, both pushing me to be better and making every moment in the studio memorable."

On the television side, ICTV’s “Newswatch” won second place in the best video newscast category, while the sports debate show “Hold That Thought” won second place in the best video sportscast category. ICTV also won fourth place in the best video news reporting category.

“Working for ICTV and ‘Newswatch’ as a reporter has been a great experience,” said Parita Desai ’19, the reporter on the fourth-place video. “I've learned so much about broadcast reporting and being able to go out and work in the field.” 

Chris Wheatley ’81, Ithaca College’s recently retired manager of radio and television operations, received the Joel Willer Award for exceptional dedication and service to student electronic media. The award is named after the founder of College Broadcasters, Inc.

“I'm deeply honored to win the CBI Joel Willer Award,” said Wheatley. “Just to be mentioned in the same sentence as Joel is incredible. I am so grateful to all my friends in CBI for their support and friendship over the years. This is a wonderful organization and I am proud to be a part of it.”

College Broadcasters, Inc. is a membership organization dedicated to supporting and honoring student electronic media outlets. The sixth annual convention attracted over 400 students from 80 colleges and universities. During the convention, industry veterans counseled students on their air checks, demo reels and resumes. Sessions covering a broad range of topics related to electronic media were led by industry professionals, faculty and students.