Emerson Hall

Emerson Hall is closed for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. 

Emerson Hall is located on the northeast side of campus and features double, triple, and quad rooms (triples are first made available to students with special housing needs, but any not required for that purpose are made available to current students by Wait List application). A Coed-by-Door hall, Emerson offers a traditional residence hall experience most suited to returning Ithaca College students.

Emerson Hall rooms are air conditioned once the minimum overnight low temperature has reached 60º F. Each Emerson room has full bathroom (a shower curtain is supplied). Residents should plan to bring cleaning supplies in addition to personal toiletries.

Parking is available in Red Lot S. See Campus Map.

Emerson Highlights

  • (114) double, (9) triple, and (11) quad rooms.
  • Private bathroom.
  • Elevator.