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Connect with your uniquely creative community through experiential programs designed to introduce you to lifelong friends, critical perspectives, and essential resources. We partner with you on your journey towards graduation to craft a college experience that features seamless transitions from year to year.

  • First-Year Students

  • Transfer Students

  • First-Generation Students (students who are among the first in their family to attend a four-year, residential college in the United States)

  • Sophomore Students

  • Veteran Students

  • Commuter Students

  • Families of Current Students

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PHONE: 607.274.1908

Jenelle Whalon, Administrative Assistant,

Jacqueline Winslow, Director,

Kevin Perry, Associate Director,

Grace Terry, Assistant Director,

Our Story: Part 1

In June 2018, Rosanna Ferro created our office with a call to partner with and support First-Year Students, Transfer Students, First-Generation Students, Sophomore Students, Veteran Students, and Families. We decided to each provide programmatic leadership for two populations each with Jacqueline Winslow focusing on Veteran Students and Family Engagement, Kevin Perry focusing on First-Year and Transfer Students, Grace Terry focusing on First-Generation and Sophomore Students, and Jenelle Whalon providing amazing support for all our endeavors! This fall we launched a brand new pre-orientation program for first-generation students called "First Look," hosted an incredible social for the national First Generation Celebration Day, reimagined our Sophomore Soar program in the style of spark talks and more! We are also currently envisioning and planning for a move from our Summer Orientation program to a Fall Orientation. When we weren't hosting student-facing programs or planning new initiatives, our team embarked on Dolce Delight office retreats to brainstorm and refine our mission. At this stage, we're still working on it, but we have some key themes that are guiding our work:

  1. We want to actively partner with you - we are committed to listening to students and remaining inquisitive about your dynamic needs
  2. We are striving for you (and every student) to feel like you truly belong at IC (we love our college and we want you to too)
  3. We are educators - we know a lot about transitioning into and through college and we want to help you navigate it successfully
  4. We are committed to promoting an inclusive community that respects and honors people with diverse background and perspectives, realizing that we can and should learn from one another