ITHACA COLLEGE recognizes the importance of strengthening the student connection to the College and laying the foundation for student success during the first year. The Ithaca College first-year experience (FYE) is the foundation of the Ithaca experience! The first-year experience is a comprehensive set of academic and educational programs that assist new students in making a successful transition to the vibrant and diverse Ithaca College residential community of learners.

THE FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE connects students to the people, programs, and resources necessary to provide a strong foundation for academic success and personal growth. The first-year experience consists of a range of activities delivered via integrated programs offered through both Student Affairs and Campus Life and Academic Affairs. The first-year experience responds to a common institutional vision and purpose: “fostering intellect, creativity, and character in an active, student-centered learning community.”

Goals of the First-Year Experience

  • To establish a connection to the college
  • To engage in a shared learning experience
  • To acquire knowledge and skills for self-directed learning and academic achievement
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities and benefits of membership in a community of learners
  • To expose students to diverse ideas, experiences, and people
  • To provide students with services and support to be academically and socially successful
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