Doreen Hettich-Atkins

Doreen Hettich-Atkins

330 Egbert Hall

Doreen joined Ithaca College in 2004.  She currently serves as the Executive Director for the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life at Ithaca College.  Her role involves strategic planning, budget management, divisional professional development and assessment activities as well as co-chairing the Commencement and Convocation committees.  Doreen also supervises the Campus Center, the Office of Student Engagement, New Student and Transition Programs, and the Assistant Director of Student Experience Marketing and Communication.  She previously served as the Chief Student Affairs Officer at Penn State-Brandywine, and as Associate Dean for Student Development at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.  Her career in student affairs began when she served as a resident advisor at her undergraduate institution.

Doreen has been active professionally as a two-time president for CSPA-NYS - College Student Personnel Association of New York.  She has also presented at a variety of state, regional and professional student associations. 

When not at work, Doreen is the single parent of two active boys and spends a great deal of time on the road traveling to their basketball, baseball, and soccer games.  She is becoming a fitness enthusiast and  has completed multiple half marathons.

Doreen has a BA degree in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, a MEd in Psycho-educational Processes from Temple University, and completed coursework for her PhD in Higher Educational Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

Doreen coordinates:

  • Assessment
  • Divisional Budgeting
  • Commencement and Convocation
  • Staff Development

Doreen supervises:

  • The Campus Center
  • New Student and Transition Programs
  • The Office of Student Engagement
  • Student Marketing and Communications