Mission Statement: The ICare Team is a collaborative work group charged with evaluating and providing timely responses to reported student behaviors of concern. The ICare Team facilitates the academic and personal success of students, contributes to the safety of the campus community, and enhances student retention.

The ICare Team is a small, confidential group of campus officials with representatives from the following College offices:

· Student Life

· Public Safety

· Judicial Affairs

· Center for Academic Advancement

· Title IX

· Dean's Office

· Center for Counseling, Health, and Wellness

· Residential Life

· Ad hoc representatives, consulting partners, and other Ithaca College Community members may be included in ICare Team processes as needed on a case-by-case basis.

ICare is an acronym for:

Ithaca College

Awareness: The Team encourages all Ithaca College community members (faculty, staff, students, and parents) to take an active role in the early identification of a distressed student. The recognition and reporting of concerning student behaviors is a crucial first step to provide support and help avoid crisis situations in which the safety of a student or other members of the college community is compromised.

Response: The Team implements supportive, proactive, and individualized interventions to help resolve concerning student behaviors. The Team gives thoughtful consideration to intervene in a manner that protects the privacy of students while balancing the need to create a college environment that is safe and conducive to student learning and academic success.

Education: The Team provides information to the Ithaca College community on what constitutes concerning student behaviors and how to respond to a student in distress. The team aims to increase student, faculty, and staff awareness and use of resources on- and off-campus. The team hopes to promote students emotional well-being, health, and academic success and help students avoid more serious difficulties.

Meeting Times:

ICare Team Meetings are held weekly. Additional meetings scheduled as needed for consultation purposes or review of urgent concerns.