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Academic Policies Committee (APC)
Academic Program Review
Bloom's Taxonomy

Resources from the 2017 Assessment Summit with Patty Payette (IC netpass and password required):

Taskstream Instructions
These instructions are for using Taskstream in the Ithaca College community, most specifically for those in Student Affairs and Campus Life.  Please download below:

file-outline TaskstreamInstructio.docx - TaskstreamInstructio.docx (96.54 KB)

Resources from Training with Dr. Kimberly Yousey-Elsener, conducted for Student Affairs and Campus Life:

file-outline Getting Started with Assessment - gettingstarted.pdf (5.64 MB)
file-outline Data Informed Leadership - datainformedldshp.pdf (636.68 KB)
file-outline Finding Your Assessment Purpose - assmtpurpose.pdf (194.71 KB)
file-outline Assessment Outcomes Worksheet - assmtoutcomes.pdf (223.9 KB)
file-outline Choosing a Method - assmtmethods.pdf (383.67 KB)