Each school or department has designated one or more faculty or staff members with oversight responsibility for assessment.  Additionally, the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee has been charged with providing oversight and review to all student learning outcomes assessment for both curricular and co-curriculuar activities).

Student Affairs and Campus Life

Doreen Hettich-Atkins, Director of Strategic Planning and Administration, is charged with the coordination of assessment activities.  The Directors of each department within Student Affairs and Campus Life are responsible for coordinating assessment activities for their area.

Academic Schools

School of Business - Rasoul Rezvanian

Park School of Communications - Andrew Utterson, Rob Gearhart

Health Sciences and Human Performance - Laura Gras (Physical Therapy), Julie Dorsey (Occupational Therapy), Phoebe Constantinou (Health Promotion and Physical Education), Deborah King (Exercise and Sport Sciences), Patrick Lewis (Recreation and Leisure Studies), Tina Caswell (Speech Language Pathology and Audiology), Mike Buck (Dean's Office)

Humanities and Sciences - Matt Sullivan

School of Music - David Pacun