The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee coordinates student learning assessment across campus by providing direction, serving as a resource for student learning outcomes assessment across the Educational Affairs division, and coordinating staff and faculty development related to student learning assessment.  Its mission is to promote student learning assessment that is meaningful, multi=dimensional, and sustainable for programs and for the institution.

Committee Responsibilities include:

  1. Advise the Provost & VPEA on the status of student learning outcomes assessment across the institution and provide an annual report to the Provost & VPEA by November 1st for the preceding academic year.
  2. In collaboration with the Center for Faculty Excellence, ensure that student learning assessment is included in the faculty and staff development program in ways that effectively address current and future needs and interests.
  3. Recommend revision of student learning outcomes assessment processes and calendars in accordance with the Committee’s mission, based on best practices in student learning outcomes assessment and annual reports from school (for academic programs housed in the schools) or department/unit (for all other student learning programs) assessment committees provided by October 1st each year.
  4. Provide feedback on student learning outcomes assessment for programs not housed in a specific department or school, including the Integrative Core Curriculum, Honors Program, and Exploratory Program.

Committee Membership:

  • Five faculty, ideally representing five different schools, appointed by Faculty Council
  • Three staff, representing three different departments engaged in student learning outcomes assessment, appointed by the Provost & VPEA
  • One student, appointed by the Student Government Association
  • One staff person from the Office of Institutional Research, appointed by the Director of Institutional Research, ex officio as a non-voting member
  • The Vice Provost and the Associate Provost for Student Life will serve as ex officio, non-voting members

2017-18 Committee Members are:

Jacqueline Winslow, Staff Co-Chair, Office of Residential Life

Vacant, Faculty Co-Chair

Phoebe Constantinou, Faculty Representative, HSHP

Liz Kaletski, Faculty Representative, H&S

Laura Amoriello, Faculty Representative, School of Music

Vacant, Faculty Representative, School of Business

Doreen Hettich-Atkins, Staff Representative, Student Affairs/Campus Life

Michele Lenhart, Staff Representative, OSEMA

Andrew Utterson, Faculty Representative, Park School of Communications

Vacant, Student Representative, SGC

Andrew Siefert, Office of Institutional Research Representative (ex-officio)

Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson, Associate Provost for Academic Programs (ex-officio)