Get Out The Vote Campaign - SACL Signature Event

The SACL "Get Out The Vote" Campaign is a series of programs and helpful information designed to encourage students to engage in the political process. This page is a launching point for students to explore the voting process and guide students in how they can participate in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. Sample programming includes easy-to-follow registration guides, guest-led speaker series, interactive educational sessions on social media literacy, and sparking healthy dialogue on how we can play an active role in shaping our government structures and policies.

Voter Registration

The Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL) is partnering with Ithaca's Student Governance Council (SGC) to deliver the programming initiative "IC Votes". The goal of IC Votes is to drive participation among the IC student body in November's 2020 General Election. 

Here's where you come in! 

We are looking for individuals and student organizations to join in this initiative and collaborate with us. If you have interest in becoming a part of this campaign, please reach out to us: sgcpresident@ithaca.edu. We're all in this together so let's get out and vote!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @icvotes for the latest updates and programming opportunities!

Social Media Literacy

Check out the following links for additional commentary surrounding social media and its impact on modern day elections.

Voting in College Resources

This link provides students with a comprehensive resource guide centered around voting while in college.

IC Votes and Political Communication

This resource page, hosted by the Ithaca College Library, provides valuable information in a variety of different areas. Content within this page spans topics from governance structure, best practices for contacting political representatives, voter registration, and information gathering on political candidates.

Project Look Sharp

Project Look Sharp is another Ithaca College resource centered around information gathering and media literacy.

Media Literacy - Common Threads: Intergenerational Dialogue

Select programming will touch on topics pertinent to political elections.

National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)

Resource that educates on discerning fact from fiction and other media literacy techniques.

Bracing for the Election - TIME Magazine

Recent article featured in TIME Magazine touching on social media and its powerful reach in the upcoming 2020 General Election.

Social Media Usage in 2020 Election - NPR

Recent feature in NPR on social media usage and its impact on our democracy.

Media Manipulation

This web-based resource is a digital research platform linking together theory, methods, and practice for mapping media manipulation and disinformation campaigns.

Upcoming Events

Image of Valarie Kaur

(Valarie Kaur, Civil Rights Activist, Lawyer, Filmmaker)

October 20 - 7:00-8:30 PM EST

Reimagining and Remaking Our Nation in Love and Compassion: A Conversation with Valarie Kaur

Join Executive Director for Student Equity and Belonging and Director for Religious and Spiritual Life, Hierald Osorto in a conversation with Valarie Kaur, renowned Sikh racial justice activist, civil rights lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, educator, founder of the Revolutionary Love Project, and author of the new book See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary LoveTogether we’ll explore: How do we labor for the world we want when the labor feels endless?

Valarie Kaur is a masterful storyteller and seasoned activist, and her talk, including her 2017 TED talk, have garnered millions of views. Please plan to join us for this extraordinary conversation.

Image of Harvey Epstein '89

(Harvey Epstein '89, New York State 74th District Assembly)

October 22 - 5:00 PM EST

"What's Jewish About Voting?" - Conversation With New York State 74th District Assembly Rep. Harvey Epstein '89

Join Hillel students in an interview and Q & A session with Assemblyman Harvey Epstein '89. Harvey Epstein is the member of the New York State Assembly from the 74th district, which consists parts of the Lower East Side, East Village, and Midtown East neighborhoods of Manhattan.  During his time as a student, AM Epstein served as SGC President, as well as a committed social justice activist.  His path to civic engagement is deeply tied to his Jewish identity- which still informs his work today.  Hillel student leaders Lucy Calderon and Isaac Schneider will engage AM Epstein in a talk about his time at Ithaca College, his career as a public servant, and his perspective on how civic engagement and repairing the world are critical.