Become a Learning Coach

We are accepting Learning Coach applications for Spring 2022 and for Academic Year 2022-2023!


We NEED motivated students who can help others! We HIRE applicants based on the identified, prevailing HIGH-NEEDS courses. If a student applies to be a Learning Coach, and the selection of courses they can tutor do not meet our current need, we may place those applications in a TUTOR BANK and reach out to those students if the need arises.

While there is no specific cumulative GPA requirement, we want students to have:

  • strong grades in the courses that you wish to tutor;

  • commitment and a willingness to complete the required training course (seniors and graduate students are exempt);

  • faculty endorsement; and

  • the attributes of a person who can successfully work with others!

Apply to Become a Learning Coach!

Complete the Learning Coach Recruitment Survey if you are applying to be considered as a Learning Coach this year!  We need to know what courses you'd be interested in tutoring, and what faculty you would ask to recommend you.  

If we need Learning Coaches in your subject area, we'll ask you to complete the official Learning Coach application in the Student Employment database, and we'll reach out to you to schedule an interview.  

If we don't need Learning Coaches in your subject area at the present moment, we'll hold on to your info, so we can reach out to you in the event that we receive requests for tutoring in that subject area.