Request a Tutor (Learning Coach)!

To request a Tutor (Learning Coach), submit the online request form.

The Center for Student Success Offers Couse-Specific Tutoring!

We offer tutoring in various forms:

  • Students can request a one-on-one tutor for any of the courses they are registered in
  • Some students may be placed into small tutoring groups for our higher-needs courses 
  • Some tutors lead "PLuGs" which are peer learning groups that allow for drop-in tutoring 

Please Note: We try to help students in anyway we can! Due to our volume of requests and limitations on tutors, we cannot guarantee that every student that submits a request will be matched with a tutor. When we receive a tutoring request for a course we do not have a tutor in, we collaborate with faculty and other campus partners to support the student.