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The campus climate at Ithaca College shapes the lives of all of us—students, faculty, and staff. Understanding deeply the varied experiences of our community is a critical part of continuing to improve how we work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable campus environment.
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The Campus Climate Survey

The campus climate survey is now closed. Thank you to those who took the time to share their input. 

Announcing Campus Climate Community Presentations on Thursday, April 25, 2024!

As we approach the final stretch of the Spring 2024 semester, we are excited to announce that we are ready to move into the next phase of our Campus Climate Survey process. We are pleased to share that we will be hosting two opportunities for our campus community to join representatives from our survey partners, Rankin Climate, and members of the Campus Climate Survey Workgroup for an open presentation of the Key Findings Report on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

The first community presentation will be held during the common hour from 12:10-1:05 p.m. in Emerson Suites. A streaming option will be made available for this session for individuals unable to attend in person.

The second community presentation will be hosted later that afternoon from 4:00-5:15 p.m. in Textor 102. This presentation will be an in-person session only and will not have a livestream option.

These presentations serve an important role in the Campus Climate Survey process. In addition to providing an opportunity to transparently share an overview of the most salient findings of the report with our campus community, they will also serve as an initial platform to engage our community in developing next steps.

During both presentations, we will allot time for a question-and-answer session. We will be taking live questions from the in-person audience, while those attending via the livestreamed first session will also have an opportunity to submit questions. If you would like to pre-submit a question, you may also do so by utilizing the linked form below:

Campus Climate Presentation Question Submission Form

Responses to questions will be shared during the presentations and will be posted to the FAQs page following the conclusion of the presentations.

The Ithaca College 2023 Campus Climate Survey

Starting on October 17, Ithaca College has begun a fully confidential and transparent Campus Climate Survey, which will help give us a better understanding of the most pressing and vital concerns of our community. The campus climate survey was available through November 17 and is now closed. Our last climate assessment was conducted in 2016, and much has happened since then. Ordinarily, we would have conducted our next survey by 2020, but due to COVID, that survey was delayed until this fall. In the spring, we will report and discuss the results of the survey with the campus community.

Ithaca College will undertake a fully confidential and transparent Campus Climate Survey, which will help give us a better understanding of the most pressing and vital concerns of our community.

Student, Faculty, and Staff-Driven

The idea to conduct a campus climate survey originated from interested students, faculty, and staff who believed data from such a survey might be useful in planning for the future and improving the climate at Ithaca College. 

This qualitative and quantitative research effort will allow us to better understand the experiences of our community. We know from the research that thriving campus climates contribute directly to overall success for students, faculty, and staff. This information will help us better understand how members of our community experience harassment, bias, and a lack of support that can lead individuals to elect to leave the Ithaca College community. This is an opportunity for you to ensure your voice is part of this effort. 

2023 Campus Climate Survey Timeline

"This is your chance to make a difference in IC’s future, your opportunity to make positive, lasting changes and to help create a more inclusive campus."

La Jerne Terry Cornish, President

We Need You to Share Your Voice!

Ensuring inclusive and equitable campus experiences for all members of the community requires us to deeply listen and understand these often disparate experiences. You can help us by sharing your stories and encouraging others to do the same. 

Encourage your community members and colleagues to take part in activities surrounding taking the survey. Dates and registration will be listed on this website, as well as sent out via email. 

The campus climate survey was open and available through November 17 and is now closed. 

Spread the word and help us ensure that our campus community participates in the entire process.