Specialized Studio for Operatic Singers

Perform as a singer in the Ithaca College Opera Studio to gain additional stage experience while working alongside up and coming industry professionals.
Two opera singers are sitting on a stage side-by-side. One of them is singing to the other.
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IC Opera Studio
Receive dramatic and musical coaching, expand your professional network, build your repertoire, and gain skills to advance your operatic career.
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About the program

Receive dramatic and musical coaching with industry professionals as a member of the Ithaca College Opera Studio. Spend 2 weeks with us on the beautiful Ithaca College campus expanding your professional network, building your repertoire, and gaining skills to advance your operatic career. IC Opera Studio will operate May 16 - May 28, 2022 on the Ithaca College campus. 

IC Opera Studio includes participation in masterclasses and lectures that prepare you to be the performer that people want to hire and work alongside. You will have the opportunity to prepare and perform operatic scenes with a musical coach, an experienced conductor, and an acting coach directed by up-and-coming operatic stage directors who are completing the final level of their professional certification. The studio experience culminates in a performance of the selected scene, and you will receive a recording of your performance for future audition work.

Applications are due by March 21, 2022

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Questions? Please contact:

dawn pierce

Artistic & Faculty Director
James J Whalen Center for Music 2306
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850