Computer Science (B.A., B.S.)

Computer science is the practice of using computer-based solutions to solve complex social, scientific, and intellectual challenges. At Ithaca you'll learn the technical, organizational, and interdisciplinary skills needed to join the ranks of professionals who use computer technology to tackle these issues in diverse fields.

You'll begin your studies with a series of courses that emphasize problem solving using a number of programming languages and tools. Project courses build on these skills, giving you real-world problems to solve with your fellow students. As you progress in your program, you will take more focused courses that will introduce you to the significant concepts and technologies in computer science, such as operating systems, virtual reality, human-computer interface development, and computer networks.

You may also be invited to join your professors' research projects. For example, computer science majors are working in our virtual reality lab to develop therapeutic software for children with motor impairments. They're also working closely with our occupational and physical therapy departments to create assistive robots for children with physical and developmental disabilities. You could also work with faculty designing on-line music discovery engines, interactive DJ programs, serious games, or mobile computing.

Our graduates say that they are well prepared for the challenges of their jobs. Recent graduates are in positions at Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as at start-up companies. Others are pursuing further study in distinguished graduate programs at institutions such as Cornell University; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Rochester Institute of Technology; Tufts University; University of Southern California; and King’s College, London.