Health Sciences (B.S.)

This wide-ranging and extremely flexible program is designed for students with varied career goals; it will give you a solid foundation for work in fields as diverse as nutrition, clinical research, medicine, and therapies that integrate both Eastern and Western healing traditions.

You'll take courses in the natural sciences, such as anatomy and physiology, that teach you to think analytically and that familiarize you with the structure and functions of the human body. You'll be exposed to cutting-edge technologies in the lab and in the classroom. Courses in the social and behavioral sciences, such as psychology, help you understand people's thought processes and motivations. And courses in public and community health issues, such as nutrition and disease prevention, give you the knowledge you'll need to address the current challenges to health and wellness.

You will focus your studies in either premedical or planned clinical. The philosophy and methodology you'll learn will give you the tools you'll need in advanced study. With further professional training or graduate study, you could be a medical doctor, registered dietitian, physician assistant, nurse, or clinical researcher. Or you may choose an alternative path, studying to become a homeopathic clinician, practitioner of Eastern medicine, or chiropractor.