Music (B.A.)

In this degree program you can pursue liberal arts studies while building a strong background in music. About sixty percent of your coursework will be in the liberal arts in areas outside of music. You will study your major instrument and in music fundamentals—history, theory, aural skills, ensembles, and repertoire—as in other music degree programs.

Success Starts Here

Our students have won multiple regional and national competitions, including Fulbright scholarships; our graduates take their places daily on stage, at the podium, and in the classroom. In fact, you'll find Ithaca alumni in almost every music field imaginable -- performance, teaching, arts administration, music therapy, instrument manufacturing, music publishing, sound recording, and the entertainment industry.

When you begin your job search, not only will you have the advantage of our strong reputation in music circles throughout the country, but you'll also receive support from the music staff member who coordinates career assistance with the College's Office of Career Services. In addition, many of our alumni are actively involved with the School of Music and serve as sources for career opportunities. As a result, Ithaca's music graduates receive an exceptionally high number of job offers.