Music in Combination with an Outside Field (B.M.)

This program combines professional education as a musician with focused study in a field of your choice outside of music. This degree is ideal for musicians who want to explore; it is for students with curiosity about connections and intersections. Just like our other Bachelor of Music degrees, this degree has a full core of music requirements and expectations, and at the same time it also provides room for discovery and specialization in another area of interest.

Recent choices for the outside field include: business, communications, psychology, computer science, neuroscience, clinical health studies, and theater. As a comprehensive college that offers both liberal arts and professional degree programs, Ithaca College offers an exceptionally broad array of possibilities for your outside field. With the help of an advisor, you will design your outside field, drawing on courses offered throughout Ithaca College. This program is flexible and adaptable, not only preparing 21st-century musicians for the multifarious demands of their careers, but also maximizing well-rounded opportunities for inquiry and innovation.

Reminder: Audition Required

Interested in applying to this degree program? Remember that an audition is required for full admission consideration.