Sound Recording Technology (B.M.)

Program Overview

Within our Bachelor of Music program, in addition to core courses that focus on legacy recording techniques, you will be trained in the latest recording and mixing methods in state-of-the-art facilities. To complement your music studies, you will take courses in Audio Production, Theatre Sound, and Physics. Your skills will be honed and developed over the four years as a paid engineer working for Ithaca College’s Recording Services, culminating in an internship in the field during your senior year. You will also create a senior project, acting as producer, recording/mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. This will serve as your portfolio piece, demonstrating that you are both an audio professional and a trained musician.

Reminder: Audition Required

Interested in applying to this degree program? Remember that an audition is required for full admission consideration. 

Program Highlights

  • Students start working independently in studios during their freshman year.
  • The Recording Services program employs students to record over 400 concerts and recitals each year.
  • State-of-the-art facilities 
  • World-class faculty who are experts in the sound recording field teach and mentor students.
  • High-profile internship placements
  • Our program maintains excellent job placement for graduates into their chosen fields.
  • Ithaca College is an AVID Learning Partner Institution.