Global Health Communications Advisor

Melinda Frost leveraged her education in communication and training design with her passion for health promotion to become a leader in global public health communication and education with a focus on infectious disease, non-communicable disease, and health security. After graduating from the Park School of Communications, she earned masters' degrees in Psychology and in Public Health. 

She directed programs in global health and risk communication for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for eight years and developed and led new communications programs at the agency for more than 16 years. Most recently, Frost has worked with the World Health Organization and its regional offices, UNICEF, and the CDC designing and facilitating programs to strengthen national and regional level risk communication response among member states.

Frost has facilitated multi-agency and multi-sector cooperative projects to achieve global health agreements with U.S. government, international governments, and United Nations’ interests. She has coordinated technical assistance programs around the world and aligned these programs with private sector goals to achieve effective public-private partnerships.

Frost's experience spans more than 25 years as a project officer, trainer, instructional designer, health communicator, writer, producer and educator. She has led projects and campaigns effectively during public health emergencies such as influenzas H7N9 and H1N1 and natural disasters in China.