The summer documentary program at Hanyang University is three-credit research and production class that explores a wide variety of styles and approaches to production. Through an intensive cross-cultural experience, it establishes a knowledge base that students draw on in the production of a short documentary film on a topic of their choice . 


Cross-Cultural Documentary Research and Production in South Korea is a gateway course for students to explore cross-cultural workplaces and collaboration. As the world is increasingly interdependent with cultural and economic globalization is taking effect on cultures,  it is essential to experience opportunities that open up knowledge of the global workplace.


Open to students from all disciplines, this course bridges theory and practice-led skill acquisition. Its foundation is a commitment to international teamwork:  this class is open not only to Hanyang University students in Korea but also to students from all over the world.

Through this intensive research and production experience, students learn the rudiments of how to create a documentary: preproduction with idea conception, research; production skills such as camera work and interviewing;  and postproduction of sound and picture editing. 

This course is organized as a lab/lecture course. Class sessions will feature lectures, film screenings, and discussions. Labs and workshops concentrate on technical and craft instruction combined with critiques of student work. Students will also research and formulate ideas for their group documentary.