Calling all Film and Television Students that have ever turned a doorknob!

Now you can make a film about death by doorknob.

2019 Contest Rules, 50th Anniversary Edition

Our beloved retired Professor Skip Landen began the tradition of students making short films about how one might meet their end with a doorknob. Now is your chance to continue the tradition.

For a look at past winning Doorknob Films: https://vimeo.com/channels/198388

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New this year for the 50th anniversary celebration!

To celebrate Skip Landen’s original vision of a “unique film-making” exercise, we are “opening the door” to the digital age of film making with a new super-short (under 2 minute) “mobi-knob” category featuring Golden Doorknob films shot on cell-phone!  The Mobiknobs will be short and sweet and will need to get to the “death-by-doorknob punchline” quickly and-- they will have to be good to earn the big prize money!

We are also continuing the animation category of our famed competition: The Aniknob. The Aniknobs should also be short, up to two minutes is the ideal length. Here is an example: https://vimeo.com/107973584  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQWJnRV1Dr8

The 50th Anniversary celebration screening is sure to be a Knoberiffic event and we will be happy to welcome our current filmmakers and alumni filmmakers on October 11 to the gala screening in the Park Auditorium.

Prizes Include:

Best “Longknob”  - $1,000 CASH AWARD
Films from 2:01 to 5 minutes in length.

Best “Mobiknob” – $1,000
Film up to  2 minutes in length, must be shot on cell phone

Best “Aniknob”.   -  $1,000
Animated films (any style) up to 2 minutes in length

Second Place Films - $750
Can be any category of film

Third Place Films   -  $500
Can be any category of film

Best “Froshknob” -   $500*
Freshman films – also eligible for other prize categories

“Knoberable” Mentions
5 honorable mention films will receive $50 gift certificates

*This prize is open to any Park student or team of students who have not yet enrolled in a Park production class higher than the 100 level. Please indicate your current or most recent production class completed on the entry form if you wish your entry to be considered for this prize. Your entry will automatically be entered in the overall competition as well, but will be judged only against other 100 level Park students for the $500 prize.

Golden Doorknob Rules:

  1. Open to all Park School Students.
  2. Films must be on the subject of how one might encounter death involving a doorknob. An expansive interpretation is encouraged — the fatal moment might be delivered by knob or door directly or indirectly and could also be an open door that tells of death in the future.  Let your imagination run wild!  The films are narrative (tell a story) and must have a beginning, middle and end but must not exceed 5 minutes in length plus credits. Credits may not exceed 20 seconds, so total length may not exceed 5:20. There is no minimum length.
  3. May be live action or animation and may be shot on film, digital, cell phone, or made by a software effects program such as Flash.
  4. The deadline for submitting films is October 1, 2019. Instructions for submission are on the entry form.
  5. Films will be judged by a panel of faculty and industry members. A gala screening and awards ceremony will be held in October 2019.
  6. Cash Prizes will be awarded to winning films: First place films ("Longknob", "Mobiknob", "Aniknob") will receive $1,000 each; Second place film will receive $750; Third place film will receive $500; Best "Froshknob" film will receive $500; "Knoberable Mentions" will receive $50 gift certificates each. Judges reserve the right to withhold awarding of prizes in any category if they deem that minimum production standards are not met, or that there are less than three submissions in any category.
  7. The Park School reserves the right to use films for promotional purposes, in perpetuity. Copyright of each film will belong the filmmakers. Each filmmaker must keep on file clearance forms for actors or copyrighted material appearing in the film.
  8. Submit the entry form by October 1, 2019.