What's happening at the Park School this fall??

A hub of innovation, collaboration, and mentoring

The Park School supports centers, programs, and events that compliment our curriculum and infuse new ideas not only into our student community, but to the entire campus, our local area, and to the wider media industry. 

Our building is abuzz with visitors every day - we bring in a range of scholars and outstanding professionals for speaker series, technical workshops, screenings, and awards. We have a deep and loyal alumni base and you can find them speaking in person or via video conference to classes  and clubs.

Upcoming speakers, events, and visitors for fall 2019

  • Our Park Distinguished Visitor this fall is filmmaker Jeff Orlowski, the director, producer, and cinematographer on the Sundance Award-Winning film, Chasing Ice and also Chasing Coral.  As founder of Exposure Labs, a production company geared toward socially relevant filmmaking.  He will be delivering a public presentation on Thursday September 12.   Centering on this topic of media and climate change, we will be offering our annual Media for Social Responsibility 1 credit mini-course that incorporates attendance at this presentation.

  • The Environmental Crisis and the Media

    Dates: Sept. 10, 12, 17, 19, 22  Time: 7-9:30 pm Location: Park Auditorium

    No prerequisites

    General overview description: Students learn to reflect on and and synthesize complex information about the highly complex environmental crisis that we are facing as a planet and as a species. As part of this course, they a develop a proposal for covering the issues in ways that address the crisis while supporting necessary change. The course format includes (a) a keynote address by a leading expert, Jeff Oslowski, outlining the importance of the issue, as shown in his own work and its relation to the media’s social responsibility; (b) case studies of the ways in which this topic has already been addressed in the media; (c) a survey of environmental and social justice issues that background the crisis, and (d) the hands-on opportunity to develop a way of covering a specific instance that opens the problem to a targeted audience. Students will demonstrate their grasp of the social impacts of the problem and media's social responsibility, their ability to apply message design and media selection strategies, and their knowledge of media economics and programming formats

  • During alumni reunion the weekend of October 11-13, the Park School will be hosting our annual "Park Tank"  and "Pitch It to Produce It" events where students can pitch ideas for media businesses or films / series to panels of alumni and receive mentoring and start-up cash prizes.  Additionally, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golden Doorknob Awards.

  • Caitlyn Burns, transmedia storyworld producer,  works on global blockbuster feature films, award-winning television shows, console games, VR, AR, and Mixed Reality. She will be here  this fall (date TBA)  speaking in classes related to screenwriting and live event design,  and holding office hours to mentor and network with students.