Writing for Film, Television, & Emerging Media

Learn to write for many distinct content forms, such as feature films, half-hour and hour-long television series, web-series, video games, and transmedia.

Students will have the opportunity to focus on areas they are most interested in among film, television, and emerging media courses, though many students choose to focus on all three. Students supplement their writing courses with others on the entertainment industry, film studies, and production, and development. 

You’ll be enrolled in classes in your major from day one that give you both a knowledge base and a realistic view of potential career paths in writing and development. Additionally, a required semester of study at the James B. Pendleton Center in Los Angeles and a variety of internship possibilities at many industry organizations can enable students to consider a wide array of career possibilities. By the time you graduate, you’ll be prepared to work as an independent writer or as part of a creative team at a production company, studio, game development organization, or management agency.

One of the best things about Ithaca for me was access to the LA program, real industry experience, and alumni connections. My TV career started on Dawson’s Creek two months after I graduated because of the kindness and support of an Ithaca grad.

Liz Tigelaar '98, ABC Studios producer, executive producer/showrunner of the TV mini-series "Little Fires Everywhere"; writer and producer on "Nashville," "Once Upon a Time," and "Revenge," and creator of TV Series "Life Unexpected."

Experiential Learning Right on Campus

The Park School's co-curricular student media organizations provide a variety of ways for students to pitch show and film concepts, write scripts, and learn the entire development and producing process for films, TV shows and series, and digital media content. 

The Studio provides a creative space and media incubator for students who want to create and produce content for the entertainment industry. It gives students realistic exposure to working with producers and executives in content-based businesses through mentorship and networking opportunities, workshops, resources, and guidance. The Studio financially supports collaborative projects that are likely to be marketable and get media attention. It's led by student executives who are guided by professional staff advisors and a network of alumni mentors. Annual events include "Pitch it to Produce It," an opportunity to pitch story ideas to alumni and professionals for possible funding, and the Ithaca Student Film Festival. 

ICTV produces over 20 different shows each semester, including news, talk shows, live sports, game shows, kids' and cooking shows, and scripted drama. The programming streams live on the website and is carried on regional Spectrum Channel 16.

Park Productions is a student-powered professional production unit that produces award-winning media content for external clients. Students have the opportunity to seek paid positions as writers, producers, camera and audio operators, and post-production editors.

Contact Our Faculty and Staff

The degree program director is Professor Jack Bryant, Park 354.