Here's What We Will Expect from You

In your classes, internships, and co-curricular work, you'll be expected to

  • engage in critical thinking about the discipline, your ideas, and the ideas of other students;
  • engage with your peers and course instructors with respect during lectures, discussions, and workshops;
  • read the assigned material for their courses, including textbooks, books, articles, and other class resources, as well as the work of your peers submitted for class critique;
  • write and submit work that adheres to the proper format outlined for a particular course. This work should be proofread and copyedited before submission to correct grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation mistakes;
  • write critical studies analytical papers in designated HU/LA classes using appropriate academic language. These papers should develop deductive arguments, define and apply theoretical/historical models, marshal evidence, and render cogent analysis;
  • work collaboratively with their peers in respectful ways and serve as a productive, contributing member of your group, in those classes requiring group projects;
  • adhere to all submission deadlines detailed on course syllabi;
  • respect and operate under the mandate that class attendance and coursework take priority over non-academic, non-course-related activities; and
  • dedicate an appropriate amount of time to work outside of the class per week. Three-credit hour courses are designed based on an expectation of six hours' work by the student outside of class per week. Four-credit hour courses have an expectation of eight hours.