Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media (B.F.A.)

The greatest stories of this generation are being told on multiple screens and platforms to vastly diverse audiences. Blockbuster and independent films screen in packed theaters. College students play video games with their friends and families on computers, television sets, and tablets. Breaking stories and updates stream from news and social media sources to our smartphones.

A powerful scriptwriter can craft a message that touches audiences via many formats, and as a student in the Writing for Film, Television, and Emerging Media B.F.A. program you’ll learn how to identify the platform that works best for the story you want to tell. You'll train to become a versatile, intellectually nimble writer who can create a universe that spans film, television, video games, and the webbringing your characters and stories to the audience, wherever they may be.

Professors will help you identify and hone your unique narrative voice and teach you to develop complex characters and compelling story worlds. By studying professional media and the work of fellow students, you’ll learn to analyze and critique other writers, addressing their strengths and weaknesses along with your own. As your technical skills and creative talents grow, you’ll learn to write as a member of a team. Collaborative class projects will give you a real writer’s room experience with peers who are also serious about developing professional-level creative work.

Our semester-long Los Angeles and New York City programs will introduce you to many realities of a life in creative media in world-renowned entertainment hubs. While taking courses, you’ll intern for the people who may go on to become professional connections for your future career. The working relationships you foster with fellow students will likely form the basis of lifelong partnerships in the industry.