Co-curricular media organizations

From your first week, you can become a part of vibrant student media outlets

Ithacan offices

The distinctive learning environment in the Park School of Communications features seven student-powered media organizations where you can put your classroom learning into practice and experience a professional environment working your way up into leadership positions.  Each co-curricular organization has a full-time staff advisor - someone with experience in the field plus the time and skills to focus on mentoring you and your team.  Any IC student can apply to become a part of any of these organizations.

These are just our first place awards:

College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI) 2019 National Student Production Awards

Best Sports Reporting (Audio)
First Place - Cortaca Jug Football Game Open – Cam Pratt, WICB

Best Podcast
First Place - Six Degrees – Sarah Horbacewicz, WICB

Best Station Promo (Video)
First Place – ICTV Reports Promo – Manny Sanchez, ICTV

Best Special Broadcast (Video)
Third Place – Election Center – Producers: Michael Pyskaty, Molly North and Patricia Visceglia, ICTV

Best General Entertainment Program (Video)
Fourth Place – Looseleaf – Producers: Kyle Lauerman, Val DiGloria, Kristen Karaliunas and Vik Schultz, ICTV

Broadcast Education Association (BEA) 2020 Festival of Media Arts

Specialty Program / Podcasts
Award of Excellence – Podcast: Six Degrees - Sarah Horbacewicz, WICB

Specialty Program / Podcasts
Award of Excellence – Podcast: Homebrew Unplugged - Pia Rizzo-Wittlin, WICB

Student Film & Video Competition – Animation/Experimental/Mixed
Award of Excellence – Looseleaf – Producers: Kyle Lauerman, Val DiGloria, Kristen Karaliunas and Vik Schultz, ICTV

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

Television General News Reporting
First Place – Staying Connected – Jack Arpey, ICTV

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
The CCC Awards for College Coronavirus Coverage

Week 6 Winner – Remote Newscast 4/29 – Producers: Erika Liberati and Mark Scaglione, ICTV

New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA)
2020 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

Outstanding Use of Audio
Winner – Students, Rally Protest and Fight for Climate Justice in Albany – Peter Champelli, WICB

Outstanding Spot News Story
Winner – Newswatch: Ithaca College Robbery – Sarah Horbacewicz, ICTV

Outstanding Series or Documentary
Winner – Game Over (10-1-2019) – Producers: Aidan Glendon, Chloe Landau, Samantha Lemza and Katie Goldberg, ICTV

Outstanding Live On-Scene Reporting
Winner – Election Center Live On-Scene Reporting – Jack Culkin, ICTV

Outstanding Evening Newscast
Winner – Newswatch (12-8-2019) – Producers: Maia Noah and Frank Preolo, ICTV

Outstanding Morning Newscast 
Winner – Good Day Ithaca (10-25-2019) – Producers: Teddy Byrne, Elaina Aliferis, Chase Pelton and Skylar Eagle, ICTV

Outstanding Election Coverage
Winner – 2019 Election Center – Producers: Sarah Horbacewicz and Kyle Johnson, ICTV

Outstanding Use of Digital Platforms
Winner – ICTV News Social Media – Erika Liberati and Mark Scaglione, ICTV

Outstanding Breaking News Coverage
Winner – Syracuse University Hendricks Chapel Forum – Sarah Horbacewicz and Patricia Visceglia, ICTV

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

The Ithacan won the Silver Crown award and First Place in the Best of Show competition from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

New York Press Association

The Ithacan was  named the Best College Newspaper in New York State by the New York Press Association and won First Place in six of the competition’s categories and Second Place in another. Six Ithacan staff members were also honored for their individual work. 


ICTV crew

ICTV - Ithaca College Television - is the oldest and longest-running student-powered television channel on the planet!  We produce more than 20 different TV shows each semester, ranging from weekly local news to live sports coverage through game shows and scripted dramatic series.  We distribute our content online through our website and also on local cable channel 16.

The Ithacan

students working on the student newspaper, The Ithacan

The Ithacan helps student journalists to learn the craft of reporting and storytelling across multiple platforms including print and digital editions, podcasts, and social media channels that provide breaking news.  Every year it wins top national and regional awards including the Gold Crown from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and best weekly student newspaper from the New York State Press Association.   There are opportunities for writers, proofreaders, fact-checkers, editors, photographers, layout specialists, and advertising managers.

WICB-FM and VIC radio

students working on WICB-FM radio

The Park School has two radio stations:

WICB-FM  is our FCC licensed, non-commercial educational station that broadcasts at 91.7 FM 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are Ithaca’s only modern rock station and are consistently the market’s favorite radio station. In addition to traditional broadcast distribution we also stream worldwide on iHeartRadio, iTunes Internet Radio, TuneIn Radio, and our own iOS app.

VIC Radio is the home to the “best of what’s next” in indie-alternative music. This internet-only radio station is operated by a full student staff of DJs, newscasters and sportscasters. Monday through Friday, VIC’s morning and afternoon programming showcases indie-alternative music. On weekends, VIC features specialty music and sports talk shows created by students.

Park Promotions

Park Promotions

Park Promotions brings hands-on experience in creating promotional materials, social media campaigns, and online content for the Park School. Like a traditional agency, a variety of talents combine to create great campaigns: graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite), writing for public relations, social media management, photography, illustration, and installation design.  Our students help us create, brand, and promote Park events.

Park Productions & The Studio

student working on a Park Productions grant-funded documentary

Park Productions and The Studio are student-led media organizations that create content that is sponsored or designed for eventual sponsorship and distribution.  They provide students with both production experience and an insight into the "business side" of media production such as working with clients, bidding on jobs, and creating pitches for films to eventual funders or distributors. 

Park Productions operates as a student-staffed media production company.  We have produced hundreds of projects for clients such as Cornell University, Borg-Warner, the Geneva Music festivals, and for grant or contest-funded projects led by Ithaca College students or faculty.   We have won international awards, and continue to make an impact on global issues by reaching millions of viewers from around the world.  Students working on Park Productions projects have the opportunity to travel and meet world experts to create content on topics as diverse as women in science, local tourism for the wine industry, fracking, and the ecology of the cloud forests in South America.

The Studio provides a creative space in downtown Ithaca and is a media incubator for students who want to create and produce content for the entertainment industry. The Studio gives students realistic exposure to working with producers and executives in content-based businesses through mentorship and networking opportunities, workshops, resources, and guidance. The Studio supports collaborative projects that are likely to be marketable and get media attention. It's led by student executives who are guided by professional staff and a network of alumni advisors.