Studios, classrooms, labs, and field production gear

The Park School houses over $5 million total assets in a 79 thousand square foot building, including two state-of-the-art television studios, master control, a sound stage, a remote TV broadcast truck, audio, radio, and photography studios, 14 media labs and classrooms, student workrooms for co-curricular media, and a 200 seat auditorium with 4K projection. Our Park Portable Equipment Center contains over 200 film, still photo, and video cameras, lighting, audio and grip equipment that students use on shoots for films, documentaries, video segments, journalistic reports and a variety of media projects

TV studio control room

We have two hi-def television studios with identical control rooms. The gear is comparable to what you'd find in major market TV studios and production houses. Our studios are used both for classes and for ICTV.

TV Studio A

TV Studio A can accommodate different sets and lighting designs. It's used for classes as well as a variety of ICTV shows, including sports shows, a cooking show, a kid's show, and an entertainment show similar to late night network programming.

studio B

Studio B has a contemporary flexible set typical to TV news and talk show facilities.  It was designed by the same set and lighting designers who created the ABC World News set and is similar in terms of its ability to display images on multiple monitors on, behind, and around the desk.  It can also be set up for game and talk shows with a podium.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Park's TV studios.

sound stage

A film sound stage is a flexible space for teaching production, directing, and lighting. Adjacent to it are spaces for recording audio dialogue and Foley (the process of recording natural sounds like footsteps).

Downtown studio

We also have a studio space in downtown Ithaca right on the Commons.  Students can check this out for multiple days to build sets and shoot their projects. It also is space for end-of year screenings and photo exhibitions as well as workshops and pitch sessions sponsored by The Studio.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at a Park film production.

radio studio

Several audio studios provide the space for WICB-FM and VIC radio as well as for producing narration and podcasts.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the student-run WICB radio station.

PPECS checkout

Our Park Portable Equipment Checkout Center (PPECS) enables our students to reserve film and video cameras, lighting, and related gear for field productions and also to reserve editing stations.

  • 80 - Edit Stations with Adobe Premier & Avid Media Composer
  • 3 - 4K 27” MacIntosh Edit Stations with Adobe Premier
  • 3 - Media Ingest Stations

PPECS is not just gear, it is the gateway to creativity with endless possibilities. Student employees are not only experts on the equipment, they are well-versed in the specific tools you will need for various production classes. 

student and staff member setting up RED camera

Our cameras for checkout include

  • RED WEAPON w/ HELIUM 8K Sensor *w/ Zeiss LWZ T2.6 15-45mm Zoom & 6 Sony CineAlta T2 Primes (20/25/ 35/50/85/135mm )
  • RED RAVEN w/ Dragon 4.5k Sensor  *w/ Sigma ART f/1.8 18-35mm & 50-100mm Lens kit ,
  • URSA V.1 4k   (w/ Global Shutter for Fast Action & Sports)
  • URSA MINI PRO 4.6K  (w/ Shouldermount Kit)
  • URSA MINI PRO 4.6K G2 (w/ Shouldermount Kit, USB-C Expansion Port, & Ultra High Speed Shooting capabilities)
  •  Sony F65 & Sony F3 - Zeiss, Angenieux& Sigma Lenses)
  • 120+ Video Cameras (Sony & JVC)
  • 25+ DSLR Cameras (Canon, Nikon & Sony)
  • 30+ Film Cameras (Aaton, Arri & Bolex)
  • 40+ Large Format Film Photo Cameras (Hasselblad, Mamiya, Calumet & Horseman)


  • 48” Camera Slider  (For Cine Kit, Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k  & Red Raven Only)
  • Dana Dolly Kit (Compatible w/ ALL pro Cameras)
  • Digital Cine Kit  (Cinema Expansion Rig For SONY  FS100)
  • Ikan 17” HD Monitor  (Advanced Camera Package Required)

photo class

Our photography area includes a lighting studio, darkrooms, a gallery, finishing/mounting workspaces, and a several digital labs

  • 34 MacIntosh Digital Photography Stations
  • 12 Epson Large & Medium Format Printers
  • Film Processing Lab with 18 Enlargers
  • 4 Film Processing Darkrooms
  • Open Critique & Exhibit Space

remote truck

The Park School has its own television production truck, which is used to cover all of the home Ithaca College football games and basketball games. This 5 camera production truck enables to students to work on a real “live” sports broadcast that is aired in Ithaca and streamed on the ICTV website.

  • 14’ Ford Cube Production Truck with 5 Ikegami Cameras
  • Grass Valley Kayak Video Switcher
  • Allen & Heath Audio Board & Chyron Graphics
  • Clear Com Communications

Ithacan offices

Our student newspaper, The Ithacan has its own offices with ample space for team meetings, layout and editorial production, and producing podcasts and short video segments.

Professor with VR

Our innovation lab houses advanced computers that support VR as well as 3D printing.


Of course, the heart of what we do is our classes, and our classrooms are all designed for media display as well as active participation and collaboration.

Student production resources and reservation system

Students can reserve spaces such as editing rooms, our downtown production studio, audio studios, and meeting rooms as well as extensive field production packages (cameras, lights, microphones, etc) either in-person at our Park Portable Equipment Center and Services (PPECS) on the 1st floor or through our online portal.

We also have compiled a helpful list of production resources including our policies, insurance information, and sample release forms on the site below.