In September 2019, the Neeson Analytics Laboratories were formally opened in the IC Business School.  Supported by a generous donation from John J. Neeson ’84, co-founder and ex-co-CEO of SiriusDecisions, the labs provide students with direct, hands-on experience of what big data and business analytics mean in today’s world.

The Neeson Business Analytics Lab delivers a state-of-the-art teaching space and student access to a range of analysis tools, including Microsoft Excel, R Studio, and Tableau.  The Neeson Digital Marketing and Analytics Lab is not used as a classroom but is a dedicated space for marketing students to learn and apply numerous widely-used, web-based software platforms, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and account-based management (ABM), as well as installed tools such as Salesforce Social Studio and iMotions eye-tracking and facial scanning software.