Marketing Concentration

Marketing Concentration

The Marketing Concentration at Ithaca College provides a full understanding of all the basic business concepts as part of the Business Administration major.  In addition, students specialize in Marketing, with additional studies that can include the following courses:

MKTG 31200

Principles of Marketing is the gateway course to marketing.  This first experience with marketing includes topics such as strategic planning; marketing research, consumer behavior; segmentation, targeting, and positioning, and the marketing mix of product, distribution, pricing, and integrated marketing communications.

MKTG 32500

Consumer Behavior employs concepts from economics, psychology and sociology to help us understand how consumers make purchase decisions.  More specifically, if we know the consumer decision-making process and what factors affect that process (e.g. motivation, influencers, atmosphere and mood), we can sometimes impact how it comes out.

MKTG 32300

Sales & Sales Promotion covers two aspects of integrated marketing communications (IMD), personal selling and sales promotion.  The importance of person-to-person communication, particularly in business-to-business (B2B) marketing applications is critical to a full understanding of how products get to the end consumer.  The role of consumer promotions and trade promotions as complements to personal selling and other parts of the IMC mix is also emphasized.

MKTG 38000

International Marketing deals with the global business environment facing almost all modern enterprises.  By examining the economic, demographic, social/cultural, and political differences between countries, we can more confidently make informed decisions on how the marketing mix must be adapted to these individual environments

MKTG 411

Marketing Analytics focuses on both traditional research topics and the new capabilities provided by big data.  Modern marketing is data-driven, and this course illustrates how leading marketers collect and analyze information in order to make better decisions.  Hands-on experience and certification in specific tools, including those connected to the Neeson Digital Marketing & Analytics Lab, are featured.

MKTG 491

Digital Marketing includes the major tools used to interact with customers and potential customers electronically.  These include websites and their design, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, and social media.  Hands-on experience and certification in specific tools are included.

MKTG 486

Senior Seminar is the capstone experience of the Marketing concentration.  Elements from previous courses are brought together as students work on strategic marketing planning, making sure all the marketing elements fit together as a consistent program.