American Marketing Association

Ithaca College’s student chapter of the American Marketing Association is one of the top international chapters, consistently recognized with annual awards.  Formed over forty years ago, the ICAMA participates in international AMA events and competitions while also maintaining an active and visible presence on campus and in the community. 

Students have opportunities to participate on committees planning and executing events, including Professional Development, Advertising/Graphics, Marketing Research, Community & Social Impact, and Fundraising.  Members pursue value-added activities such as case competitions, social impact video creation, learning and applying graphics techniques, improving and maintaining their professional image, networking, and other ventures.  The year is capped off as selected chapter leaders and members attend the AMA International Collegiate Conference in the spring, usually held in New Orleans.

Student Experience

The American Marketing Association is the leading national organization for marketing professionals. For over 40 years, Ithaca College maintains a collegiate membership and active chapter. IC attends national conferences while conducting yearlong activities and initiatives.  

While at IC, students can tap into the resources of the AMA in a number of ways, deepening their networking skills in the professional development committee, gaining Adobe software skills in the advertisement and graphic design committee, helping make a difference through the community impact committee or learning how to generate money for the club in the fundraising committee. They can also try their hand at strategic planning with the annual case competition. 

All year long the student leaders of these committees work to create a deliverable judged as part of the AMA International Collegiate Conference.  As part of that report, each committee leader is responsible for sharing what their committee’s plans and results. In other competitions, the student leader of the market research committee overseas preparation of a detailed case study. In the past, IC has successfully placed in the case competition. The advertisement and graphic design team have also won the national competition for creating a t-shirt design relating to the competition theme.

The trip itself is all student planned. The President of the club works with the Vice President of Finance for the club to understand the budget. From there the student leaders work with the Office of Student Engagement to book plane tickets, hotels, and conference registration. While at the conference, students have the opportunity attend speaker sessions about industry trends, career opportunities, participate in roundtable discussions, and compete in on-site contests. The last two nights, students attend an awards banquet. In the past two years, the Ithaca chapter has won awards in the t-shirt competition and has been recognized as one of the top 25 chapters.