MBA in Entertainment and Media Management Program Faculty & Staff

Phil Blackman, Assistant Professor of Accounting & BUSINESS LAW

  • Business of Entertainment, Practicum, Capstone, Legal Environment

Christine Bataille, Assistant Professor of Management 

  • Organizational Structure, Processes, and Leadership

Alka Bramhandkar, Professor and Chair of Finance and International Business

  • Finance and Economics of Entertainment

Duncan Duke Garcia, Associate Professor of Management

  • Entrepreneurship

Matthew Geiszler, Assistant Professor of Accounting & BUSINESS LAW

  • Accounting for the Entertainment Industry

Narges Kasiri, Associate Professor of Management

  • Business Analytics and Technology

Johnine McCartney, Assistant Professor of MARKETING

  • Digital Marketing

Hormoz Movassaghi, Professor of International Business

  • Global Aspects of the Entertainment Industry

Matt Rodgers, Associate Professor of Management

  • Negotiations

John Vongas, Assistant Professor of Management

  • Organizational Structure, Processes, and Leadership