Career Development & Leadership Events

Students must complete any combination of 10 sessions from the following categories within IC Engage:

  • Career Connections (sessions are found in School of Business portal)
  • Leading Others (sessions are found in Student Leadership Institute portal)
  • Leading in a Diverse World (sessions are found in Student Leadership Institute portal) 
  • Leading Self (sessions are found in Student Leadership Institute portal)

All sessions are tracked within your co-curricular transcript within IC Engage. You must RSVP through IC Engage at least 24 hours in advance and bring your IC ID to swipe in & receive attendance credit.


Workshop #1: Making Success a Habit

Students learn about current trends, best practices, and tools that enhance communication as the norms of business evolve. These communication techniques will then be put into practice within the framework of creating a personal professional network.

Workshop #2: All-Star Interviewing

Students learn all aspects of the interview process, types of interview formats, and how to make the most out of each and every interview experience. Students will learn and begin to apply techniques that will help them to be prepared and confident for every interview they secure, including the development of a personal brand and knowing what employers want.

Workshop #3: Securing Stellar Internships

Students learn internship research techniques and resources, incorporating personal and professional networks into the internship search, and how to effectively structure the process of applying and securing the right internship for them.


BINT 10400: Informational Interview

Students explore a career path of interest and start to develop a professional network by conducting an interview with a professional in a field of interest.  Students will: contact a career professionals outside of their network utilizing skills learned from Making Success a Habit (Workshop #1), conduct an informational interview, and complete a reflection assignment.

Please note: Before applying for BINT 10400, students must complete an online Harassment Prevention Training course and Workshop 1 - Making Success a Habit.  

BINT 20400: Career Exploration

An off-campus experience that gives students an opportunity to observe the daily functions of the organization and to interview staff in order to learn various aspects of the organization.  Students will: spend 30 hours of time with an employer to learn various aspects of the company that relates to their major/concentration and complete a reflection assignment. 

Please note: Before applying for BINT 20400, students must complete BINT 10400.

BINT 40400: Professions Program Completion

This course signifies the completion of all Professions Program workshops (1-3) and the 10 Leadership & Career Development sessions.