Partnering for Success

Connecting Students and the Business World

Throughout his career, Marc has played a vital role in recruiting, developing and managing talent. He led recruitment for Citi's Financial Associate Program at Cornell and, during his time at Fifth Third, he was instrumental in developing and implementing a Risk Leadership Program, a rotational program in risk management disciplines for undergraduate business students. Not to mention that Marc has personally helped to hire numerous Ithaca College graduates! 

As our Executive in Residence, Marc will be meeting with students to assist them with career goals, and connecting students with alumni and industry professionals to foster their professional development. He will use his industry insights to assist students in evaluating and pursuing career opportunities, creating resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and beginning the process of developing their professional networks.  Marc will also advise students on how to use their personal, academic, and work experience as the foundation for their careers and the importance of building their personal and professional brand. 

Bringing the World of Finance into the Classroom

During the 2020 - 2021 school year, Marc will be teaching two finance classes, Financial Markets & Institutions and Personal Financial Planning & Wealth Management.  

Financial Markets & Institutions
This class e
xposes students to the operations of financial markets and key institutions, the role of financial intermediaries in providing credit and investment opportunities to households and businesses, the importance of the Federal Reserve in the economy and supervision of financial institutions, and the significant financial products that make up the money markets and capital markets. Borrowing from his many years of experience, including managing funding and liquidity through two economic recessions, Marc will have students will work through live examples of how market participants analyze past, current and future events to evaluate potential implications to the economy, markets and financial institutions. 

Personal Financial Planning & Wealth Management
This class 
provides a foundation for students to make important financial decisions, building a financial plan based on their values and life goals and their application to potential client relationships. Along with many years of personal and professional financial experience with financial products, managing finances and risk and providing financial advice, Marc will bring colleagues with expertise into the classroom to discuss specific topics and provide insights into the role of a financial advisor.

Office Hours

Wednesdays from 9:00am – 1:00pm

To schedule a virtual appointment with Marc Weinberg, please email him with a two day notice.