On Campus Facilities

There are three primary athletic training facilities on the Ithaca College campus where athletic training services are provided, and where a large percentage of our students' clinical education occurs.

Hill Center Clinic

The main Athletic Training Clinic in the Hill Center boasts roughly 2500 square feet of "usable" space. It is where athletes receive evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation services throughout the day, as well as before and after practices and games. The clinic area also includes a private physician examination room, a dedicated hydrotherapy room, and a large, multi purpose Clinical Classroom. Offices for the athletic training faculty and staff are located immediately adjacent to the Clinic.

Athletics and Events Center Clinic

Our second major Athletic Training Clinic on campus is housed in the Athletics and Events Center, and is active in the afternoons, evenings and weekends before, during and after practices and games. It has approximately 900 square feet of clinical space. It is in close proximity to the Strength & Conditioning Center for enhanced rehabilitation and exercise. 

Cerrache Athletic Building Clinic

Our third Athletic Training Clinic is located in the Ceracche Athletic Building located between the football and the baseball fields. It has approximately 750 square feet of clinical space. It includes a wet area for the whirlpool and ice machine, a number of treatment tables and storage areas, and an office for the certified athletic staff.

See the Athletic Training Clinic and some of our students in action.