Clinics and Labs

Athletic Training Clinic

A dedicated clinical classroom and learning laboratory where the instruction, practice, and evaluation of real-world experience takes place. 

Bacteriology and Primate Genetics Laboratory

This lab affords students the opportunity to engage in technical, molecular, and microbiological research in a safe, state-of-the-art environment.

Center for Life Skills

Faculty and students provide quality, interdisciplinary rehabilitation services for people who have experienced a stroke or neurological disorder.

Food and Nutrition Lab

This lab provides vital hands-on skills for plant-based food preparation, nutrient preservation, safe food handling, and food and nutrition education.

Human Anatomy Lab

HAL offers students hands-on dissection experience with an emphasis on clinical pathologies, applicable to various disciplines.

Movement Analysis Laboratory

The Movement Analysis Laboratory works to advance PT practice and prepare therapists for careers in clinical research.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Clinic

Comprehensive rehabilitation services for the Ithaca College community and Longview residents.

The Sir Alexander Ewing Speech and Hearing Clinic

Comprehensive diagnostic and therapy services for people with communication disorders.

Voice and Swallowing Clinic

This comprehensive diagnostic clinic is a collaboration between Robert N. Strominger, M.D., and the Ewing Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Wellness Clinic

Serves the health and fitness needs of the Ithaca College community, while enhancing the hands-on experiences of exercise and sport science students.