Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most asked questions about the Center for Life Skills.

How do I know if I qualify to participate?

We accept individuals who have experienced a stroke, or other brain injuries such as an aneurism, and who live at home or in a community setting. The program is geared towards adults and older adults.  We follow an established protocol for acceptance of participants. Individuals are interviewed and assessed on an individual basis to determine the appropriateness of the program and meeting their desired goals. 

Where does the program meet?

The program meets at Longview, an Ithacare residential community. Longview is located one half mile south of the main entrance to Ithaca College off of 96B in Ithaca, NY. Click here to view more information about Longview.

How often does the program meet?

The program meets three days a week for approximately 12-15 hours of programming. Hours vary by semester.

What programs are offered?

The following services are provided by licensed therapists and their students;

  • Physical therapy programs
  • Occupational therapy programs
  • Speech therapy programs
  • Therapeutic recreation programs

How affordable is the program?

The program is very affordable; an entire session (15 weeks) is $500 (a few dollars for each hour of programming!). Participants are billed over a four-month period. There are no additional fees (e.g. for splinting or evaluations) and payment is not expected until after the first month of the session. If for any reason you need to withdraw from the program, you are only responsible to pay for up the the end of that month.

Are family members allowed to visit?

Yes, family can visit. We ask that the program manager is informed in advance in order for staff to be available to answer any questions the family may have. Some participants travel from out of town to attend the program and spouses have accompanied the participant to the program. Spouses are welcome to attend, but we ask that distraction be kept to a minimum so that we can provide optimal services to the participant.

Who coordinates my travels to and from the Center?

Participants and/or family members are responsible for coordinating their transportation to and from the Center. Often, Gadabout transportation services are used if a participant resides in Ithaca or surrounding areas.

Am I able to join the CLS program for just one or two therapies instead of the entire program?

We cannot offer individual therapies (discipline specific) to participants. The entire program is based on an interdisciplinary approach and each therapy is seen as valuable and beneficial to the participant.

How are family members informed of my progress?

We provide family conferences for families or caregivers of the participants. Also, once goals are developed, they are shared with the family and the family can call the program manager at any time with questions regarding the therapy received or visit the program or call to speak directly with the appropriate clinician.

I am interested in joining the program (As a participant, volunteer/observer, or student), what do I do next?

If you would like to be a participant, please contact the program manager. The program manager can schedule an appointment for you to come in and visit the program or to schedule an appointment to be assessed and evaluated for the program. If you would like to volunteer or observe, please contact program manager. If you are an interested student, please contact your advisor in your chosen field of study.


Catherine Gooch, M.S. Ed., CTRS
Program Manager
Ithaca College Center for Life Skills at Longview
1 Bella Vista Drive
Ithaca, NY  14850