Food and Nutrition Lab

Practice preparing flavorful meals and snacks from fresh, whole-food, plant-based ingredients.

Many of today's health and sustainability concerns are related to how people choose to feed themselves. One of the primary determinants of what people choose to eat is taste. Having skills to prepare flavorful meals and snacks from fresh, whole-food, plant-based ingredients is a key aspect of health promotion. Health professionals can best guide their clients toward optimal nutrition and plant-based eating when they also know the principles for preparing healthy meals that taste good. The Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education's Food and Nutrition Lab, located in Hill Center G22, provides a learning space for you to not only talk about food, but to learn and practice vital hands-on skills for plant-based food preparation, nutrient preservation, safe food handling, and food and nutrition education. This lab is used by several classes, including: HLTH 20100 Food and Society, HLTH 20200 Human Nutrition, HLTH 21300 Wellness: Multicultural Perspectives in Health, HLTH 30500 Community Nutrition, and HLTH 40300 Nutritional Care and Therapeutics.

Our students in action in the Food and Nutrition Lab.