Human Anatomy Lab

A hands-on dissection experience with an emphasis on clinical pathologies.

The Value of an Anatomical Dissection

A strong foundation in anatomy is essential for those studying in the health sciences. Gross anatomical dissection has been performed for hundreds of years to understand the relationships of the bodies systems, organs, and tissues. Although the material being studied in anatomy has not changed much over that time, the advancements in technology and instruction have come a long way. In the Human Anatomy Lab, you will be able to examine the tendons and muscles you're learning about in the classroom up close. Then see how they function and track how they interact with other parts of the body in an experience you can’t replicate in any other way. Faculty are able to integrate gross anatomical dissection with modern teaching tools like virtual imaging, electronic resources, and video technology to aid you as a contemporary student.

The Human Anatomy Lab is a premier educational facility serving Ithaca College as well as the greater southern tier and Finger Lakes regions. It offers students hands-on dissection experience with an emphasis on clinical pathologies, applicable to various disciplines and allied health professions.

Benefit from Hands-On Practice

See and hear how the human anatomy lab will add value to your academic experience at Ithaca College

Availability for Non-Student Use

While the primary goal of the facility is to offer strong educational experiences to Ithaca College students, the Human Anatomy Lab is also available for other events like independent small group dissection, continuing medical education, contracted coursework, and tours.


Jim Yaggie
Director, Anatomy Lab