E. K. Wise Scholarship

Previously known as the E.K. Wise Loan Program, the fund was established in the 1960s through the generous bequest of Elizabeth K. Wise to support women pursuing higher education degrees. The scholarship fund reflects the changes that have occurred in the education of entry-level occupational therapists over the last several decades while remaining true to the intent of the original bequest. The focus of the scholarship will be to support students from diverse backgrounds who can meet E.K. Wise’s and the Association’s objectives of developing a workforce to meet society’s diverse occupational needs in underserved areas or communities.

The scholarship supports female students pursuing a post baccalaureate entry-level degree program in occupational therapy. Three awards will be granted annually in the amount of $2,500. Students may apply for a second year.  

All application materials can be found on the AOTA website. Please note that students who have a letter of acceptance to an entry-level occupational therapy educational program may also apply. Further questions should be directed to ekwise@aota.org.