DPT Curriculum Pre-Professional Program (First year students and Sophomores)

DPT Curriculum Pre-Professional Phase (First year students and Sophomores 2020-21)

Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) (40-42 credits)
4 credits            Ithaca Seminar     
12 credits           Themes and Perspectives (Creative Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences)
3- 4 credits        Competencies (Mathematics Competency, Academic Writing)
9-10 credits       Attributes (Diversity, Quantitative Literacy-credits. fulfilled by stats req.*, Writing Intensive
12 credits           Complementary Liberal Arts (CLA)
                           4 cr. BIOL 11900 Fund. of Bio. OR 4 cr. BIOL 12100 Prin. of Bio. 
                           3 cr. CHEM 12100 Prin of Chem
                           1 cr. CHEM 12200 Chem Lab 
                           4 cr. PHYS 10100 Intro to Physics I
ICC Capstone (cr. fulfilled by PTBS 50500)

Additional Requirements outside of the Department (20 credits)
4 credits             BIOL 12000 Fundamentals of Biology OR BIOL 12200 Principles of Biology
4 credits             CHEM 11200/ 11400 Organic Chemistry/Chem Lab
4 credits             PHYS 10200 Intro to Physics II
4 credits             EXSS 12000 A&P I (taken fall jr yr)
4 credits             EXSS 12100 A&P II (taken sp jr yr)

Pre-Professional Coursework (6 credits)
1 credit              PTBS 10100 Intro to Physical Therapy
3 credits            PTBS 31400 Pathology (taken sp jr yr)
1 credit              PTBS 40000 Mobility Training (taken sp jr yr)
1 credit              PTBS 40100 Professional Development I (taken sp jr yr)