Six-Year Curriculum

Below is a listing of required courses and recommended sequence.  Refer to the College Catalog for PT course descriptions and pre-requisites for each course.

Pre-Professional Year I (First Year)

Fall Courses                                   Cr       Spring Courses                           Cr
PTBS 10100 Intro to PT                 1        BIOL 11900 Fund. of Biology     4
BIOL 12000 Fund. of Biology       4        CHEM 11200 Organic Chem.     3
CHEM 12100 Prin. of Chem          3        CHEM 11400 Org Chem Lab      1
CHEM 12200 Prin. of Chem Lab  1
       WRTG 10600/ICC/Minor/Elec     3-4
ICSM Ithaca Seminar                     4       ICC/Minor/Elec                             3-4
WRTG 10600/ICC/Minor/Elec     0-4          

Total Credits                      13-17*             Total Credits                      14-17*

Pre-Professional Year II (Sophomore Year)

Fall Courses                                   Cr      Spring Courses                            Cr
PHYS 10100 Intro to Physics I    4       PHYS 10200 Intro to Physics II  4
ICC/Minor/Elective                       12       ICC/Minor/Elective                       12 

Total Credits                                  16       Total Credits                                 16

Pre-Professional Year III (Junior Year)

Fall Courses                               Cr        Spring Courses                           Cr
EXSS 12000 Anat. & Phys. I    4         EXSS 12100 Anat. & Phys. II      4   
Writing Intensive                       3-4      Diversity Course                          3-4        
Quantitative Literacy (Stats)   3-4      ICC/Minor/Elective                     3-4
ICC/Minor/Elective                    3-4      ICC/Minor/Elective                     3-4

Total Credits                           13-16      Total Credits                             13-16

Some minors may require more credits to complete

*A minimum of 15 credits per semester is needed to be considered for Dean’s List and 12 credits a semester to be full time. You must have 120 credits by the end of May your senior year to graduate with the CHS degree.

Courses in bold font are recommended to take in this sequence during these semesters

Professional Program (Senior - Grad Year II)

DPT I (Senior Year) Summer
PTBS-50000         Documentation           1 credit
PTBS-50100          Human Anatomy        6 credits

Total Credits                                                7 credits    

DPT I (Senior Year)

Fall Courses                                     Cr    Spring Courses                                Cr
PTBS 51800 Pathology                    3    PTBS 50500 Professional Dev. II  1

PTBS-51700 Professional Dev. I      1    PTBS-50800 EBP 1                         3
PTBS-51600 Mobility Training        1    PTBS-50700 ICE-I                           1
PTBS-50200 Musculoskeletal I      4    PTBS-51000 Joint Mobs.               2
PTBS-50300 Soft Tiss. Ex. & Int.    2    PTBS-51100 Ther. Exercise            3

PTBS-50400 App. Biomechanics   3    PTBS-51200 Acute Care                2
PTBS 50600 Med Screening I         1    PTBS-51300 Elec. Mod. Phys Ag.  3
  PTBS 51400 Medical Screening II  2

Total Credits                                   15     Total Credits                                   17


DPT II (Grad Year I)

Fall Courses                                   Cr      Spring Courses                                Cr
PDPT-60100 Wellness & Prev.       1       PDPT-60700 Pathokinesiology      3
PDPT-60200 Neuroscience           5      PDPT-60800 Evid. Based Prac. II   2
PDPT-60300 Musculoskeletal II    3      PDPT-60900 Motor Develop.         3
PDPT-60400 Neuromusc. Found. 3      PDPT-61000 Cardiovasc. Pulm.      4
PDPT-60500 Pharmacology          2      PDPT-61100 Neurolog, Rehab. I      4 
PDPT-62500 ICE-II                           1       PDPT-60600  ICE-III                         1
PDPT-62800 Health Care Syst.     1

Total Credits                                   16      Total Credits                                    17

PLEASE NOTE: All students are required to successfully complete a Comprehensive Lab Practical at the end of Grad Year I

DPT III (Grad Year II) Summer
PDPT-61200 Clinical Education I        4 credits                                                                  

DPT III (Grad Year II)

Fall Courses                                  Cr.        Spring Courses                                 Cr.
                                                                    Block I 
PDPT-61400 Clin Admin in PT    3          PDPT-61900 Clinical Education II      5
PDPT-61500 Neuro. Rehab II       3          Block II
PDPT-61600 Case Report I *        2          PDPT-62000 Psych. Asp. Pt. Care    3
PDPT-61700 Pediatric Rehab      3          PDPT-62100 Advanced Clin. Mgmt.  2
PDPT-61800 Orth./Prosthetics   2         PDPT-62200 Case Report II *              1
PDPT-61300 Clin. Orthopedics   3           PDPT-62300 Professional Dev. III

Total Credits             16       Total Credits                                  12  

*PDPT 63100-63300 Research Project I, II, III are alternatives to Case Report I & II by application

Post DPT III (Grad Year II) Summer
PDPT-62400   Clinical Education III         6 credits

CUMULATIVE TOTAL FOR DPT DEGREE          191 cr for BS/DPT Program



All Physical Therapy students are required to successfully complete one of the following approved Statistic courses prior to their senior year: MATH 14400, MATH 14500, MATH 15500, MATH 21600, or PSYC 20700. Statistics is a pre-requisite for PTBS 50800 Evidence Based Practice I course.


It is recommended that physical therapy students complete PSYC 10300 General Psychology OR PSYC 10400 Introduction to Developmental Psychology prior to their senior year.

Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC):

All Ithaca College students must complete the ICC. The Natural Sciences ICC Perspective course is fulfilled by the requirements of the CHS/PT major.


Students are required to complete a minor by the end of the spring semester of their senior year (completion by end of spring semester junior year is preferred).  Students are encouraged to declare early, as careful scheduling may be necessary to complete some minors. Generally, minors require 15-21 credits. A second major will be accepted as a substitute. The second major must be completed prior to matriculating as a graduate student in Grad Year I of the program. Students are encourage to discuss minor options with their major/PT academic advisor.

Study Abroad/Study Away:

We encourage students to take advantage of the study abroad/away program. Students interested should contact their major/PT academic adviser and the Office of International Programs (607) 274-3306 for further information. Students who want to study abroad the fall of junior year will need to take EXSS 12000 & EXSS 12100 A&P I&II during their sophomore year. Study abroad activities should be completed prior to their senior year.