DPT Curriculum Supplemental Information


All Physical Therapy students are required to successfully complete one of the following approved Statistic courses prior to their senior year: MATH 14400, MATH 14500, MATH 15500, MATH 21600, or PSYC 20700.  Statistics is a pre-requisite for PTBS 50800 Evidence Based Practice I course. 

Complementary Liberal Arts

12 total credits from the required Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses will fulfill Complementary Liberals Arts (4 credits of BIOL 11900 or 12100; 4 credits of CHEM 12100 and CHEM 12200; and 4 credits of PHYS 10100).

Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC)

All Ithaca College students must complete the ICC


Students are required to complete a minor by the end of the spring semester of their senior year. Students are encouraged to declare early, as careful scheduling may be necessary to complete some minors. Generally, minors require 18-21 credits. A second major will be accepted as a substitute. The second major must be completed prior to matriculating as a graduate student in Grad Year I of the program. Students are encourage to discuss minor options with their major/PT academic advisor. Completion of an Honors Program can be substituted for a minor.

Study Abroad/Study Away

We encourage students to take advantage of the study abroad/away program. Students interested should contact their major/PT academic adviser and the Office of International Programs (607) 274-3306 for further information. Study abroad activities should be completed prior to their senior year.