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American Red Cross Certification Courses

Lifeguarding - PALS 00800

The duties and responsibilities of a lifeguard and how to carry them out; lifeguarding techniques, such as how to tow or carry a victim to safety, manage a suspected spinal injury in the water, and use rescue equipment to help rescue a distressed or drowning victim. American Red Cross first aid and basic life support CPR are included in this course. To enroll in this course, a student must successfully complete a 500-yard swim, dive to 9 feet, swim underwater 15 yards, and tread water for one minute at the first meeting.

Lifeguarding Recertification - PALS 00810

A review and update of the knowledge and skills required for recertification in lifeguarding. Covers lifeguarding techniques such as how to use rescue equipment to tow a victim to safety and how to manage a suspected spinal injury in water. Students demonstrate their ability to become recertified in the American Red Cross lifeguarding program. Maybe repeated once for credit.

Lifeguarding Instructor - PALS 00900

Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become an American Red Cross instructor for community water safety, waterfront lifeguarding, head lifeguard and lifeguarding instructor aide, and lifeguard review courses. Prerequisites: Current American Red Cross certificate in lifeguarding and pretests based on the lifeguard training written test and lifeguarding skills test.

Water Safety Instructor - PALS 01000

Trains instructor candidates to teach American Red Cross water safety courses. Topics include improving and developing skills and knowledge of swimming and water safety; applying information from the instructor candidate training course to the teaching of swimming; planning and organizing swimming courses; and ensuring students' health and safety.

Emergency Health Care - HLTH 12200

Provides emergency health care instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid. This course is strongly recommended for anyone interested in coaching, teaching, or camping. Successful completion of this course can result in American Red Cross certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support and standard first aid.

Emergency Health Care Instructor - HLTH 22400

Training for entry-level instructors of American Red Cross cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for the professional rescuer, of community CPR, and of community first aid and safety. During the semester, students are required to complete the instructor candidate training segment that is offered at a time designated by the instructor. Includes teaching methods, materials, and practice.

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