Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the courses offered. If you have a question that is not listed here below, please send an email to Dr. Patrick Lewis, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, at


Q: I just registered for basic skiing for next semester. Can I register for intermediate skiing without taking basic skiing first? I have been skiing for about 12 years and am confident with my basic skills.
A: Yes! Register for the Intermediate Alpine Skiing course. The Basic Alpine Skiing course is really designed for the "never evers" - those who have never ever tried skiing before.


Q: How do I get to Greek Peak?
A: The bus will pick up all IC students in front of Phillips (Campus Center parking lot) at 10:00 am sharp. Don't miss the bus! The bus leaves Greek Peak at 4:30 pm for a 5:15 pm arrival back at IC.

Q: I have a car on campus. Do I have to ride the bus?
A: You are not required to ride the bus but you are charged for bus transportation whether you use the bus or not.Attendance is taken when you get on the bus by the IC staff member, and attendance is taken again when you get off the bus by a Greek Peak staff member.

Q: If I drive instead of riding the bus, how long am I required to stay at Greek Peak
A: All students, whether riding the bus or not, are required to check in when the bus arrives and also check out with the IC staff member at the bus at the end of the day (4:30 pm). Each class has a minimum requirement of 5 hours on site with time for breaks/dinner.

Q: Are we allowed to leave items on the bus while we are at the mountain like a backpack? And will the bus be locked so our things are safe?
A: No, you cannot leave items on the bus while you are skiing. There are a limited number of coin lockers located in the main building that you can use if you need to store things. The cost is usually under a couple of dollars. They are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. In addition, only QUARTERS can be used... so be sure to bring the right change with you. It is recommend that you leave your valuables at home and bring only what you need to the class.


Q: I'm not sure about equipment yet, I may be getting skiis over the winter break.
A: If your equipment needs change between now and the start of class on January 29th, that is OK. When you arrive on the first day, you will be making your final decision on the plan that is right for you. Try to be as accurate as you can when you fill out the survey and if your circumstances change, we will adjust accordingly.

Q: Is the equipment going to be rented at each lesson or will it be given to us for the full course time?
A: Each day that you attend the class, you will be checking out equipment and then before you leave for the day, you will be returning the equipment. You will not be able to take the equipment home with you.

Q: Do you need to know sizes of equipment for rentals ahead of time?
A: When you arrive at the rental shop, you will be filling out a form indicating your height, weight and shoe size. From there you will go to a counter where they will give you boots. If they do not fit, you will be able to 'trade them in' until you get a pair that fits. After your first day, you will know what your sizes are!

Q: I have my own equipment for skiing but can I rent a snowboard too?
A: No. Once you have signed up for a course, either skiing or snowboarding, you must stay with the course you have selected.

Q: I have my own equipment and am not clear on how to take it to Greek Peak?
A: We have a large charter bus with storage underneath. You bring your equipment to the pickup spot and place it in the storage area prior to boarding.

Q: If I decide to purchase my own equipment at some point, will I be able to get a refund for the weeks that I do not need to rent equipment?
A: No, you will not be able to receive a refund for equipment if you get your own. The equipment charge works the same way as the transportation charge. Once you use it once, you will be charged for the entire amount no matter how many times you use it.

Q: Is there anything that is absolutely needed for this course in terms of equipment?
A: Yes! WARM CLOTHING, preferably waterproof, plus a hat that covers your ears and warm gloves. We will hold class in all kinds of weather, so be prepared.


Q: I am interested in learning to snowboard. Does the course require previous knowledge and experience?
A: Because the course is taught by instructors from Greek Peak, students of all levels of experience can take the course. When you arrive for your first lesson, the instructors will divide you up by ability level; students with no experience will be in a lesson with other students who have no experience and the instructor will 'start from scratch'.

Q: Who will be teaching the course?
A: There will be 3 people who you need to get to know. The first is the person who is riding on the bus and taking attendance. This person is a student from Ithaca College and will be your on-campus point of contact for questions that you might have. The second person is Mary Gerlach, whose name you will notice is all over these pages. She is the College Coordinator at Greek Peak. She will be the person with whom you will talk with when you are at Greek Peak. The third person is your actual ski/board instructor. This is the person you will meet each week for your lesson. This person is a member of the Greek Peak Ski and Ride staff who has been trained in the most contemporary educational approaches for teaching skiing and boarding. Be sure to learn the name of your instructor and be sure to check in with him or her at the start of each lesson; your instructor takes attendance each day.

Q: Two of my friends are avid skiers who will be taking the advanced course and I have never skied in my life. However, I am a decent snowboarder and I hear skiing is easier to pick up, especially if you already know how to snowboard. Would it be possible to be put in the advanced group or do I have to start with the basic or intermediate class?
A: On the first day, you can explain all of this to the instructors and they can help you determine which lesson/instructor to start off in. If, over the course of the semester, you start to feel that you should be in another group, simply discuss this with your instructor.

Q: What happens when we arrive by bus at Greek Peak? Where do I go?
A: When you arrive by bus at the mountain, a Greek Peak staff member will take attendance as you get off the bus and tell you specifically where to go. There have been a lot of new renovations at the mountain so pay close attention to the directions. The Greek Peak staff member will give out lift tickets and a rental voucher if needed. First time skiers/riders will receive additional information and guidance regarding procedures for renting equipment as well as where to go to meet your instructor on the first day.

Q: I was curious to know what the schedule for the class is. I know the bus will pick us up at the Campus Center Parking Lot (Phillips Hall) at 10:00 am sharp(!). Are we allowed to go on the slopes by ourselves before the lessons start?
A: All lessons are at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm, so you will have time to ski prior to your first lesson. Just don't be late to your lesson; use good judgement!


Q: What about meals?
A: Greek Peak does have a restaurant where you can purchase food and beverages on your own, however many students who eat in the dining halls on campus pick up a 'grab-n-go' meal and bring it on the bus with them.

Q: What kind of trails are there?
A: Greek Peak has 32 trails of varied terrain, from beginner slopes to super steeps. In addition, there is a Progression Park suited for riders just starting out as well as a Terrain Park for the more experienced riders.

Q: What are the current snow conditions at Greek Peak?
A: Below are some shortcuts to various information about the ski/ride conditions at the hill.