Ithaca College students can take advantage of a great opportunity with Greek Peak Mountain Resort, located just 18 miles (~30 minutes) away from campus in Virgil, New York.

Students of any level, beginner to expert, can enroll in a 1.0 credit PALS course that meets on Saturdays and have tons of fun while learning or improving their skiing or boarding skills.

Review our detailed information regarding the program, or go to the Greek Peak - Ithaca College website for similar information.

Greek Peak Registration

If you have not already registered, please log on to Homer Connect and register for the course BEFORE providing the information below.

So that Greek Peak staff can be prepared for your arrival, they ask that you complete the following online registration process. The more students who complete this prior to the first class meeting, the faster you will be able to get out on the slopes!

Please note that you will be directed to a 'Shopping Cart' where you will be asked to pay by credit card for the course.

Here's how to 'register' the information that Greek Peak needs:

  1. Go to: Greek Peak Sales.

  2. Scroll down to College PE Registration and click.

  3. Click on Select Your School and then click on the IC icon.

  4. Follow the remaining instructions.

Check out current conditions at Greek Peak!