Marla R. Colino

This is a photo of Marla Colino. Marla is wearing a flowered shirt with a pearl necklace. Marla has long dark hair over the shoulder.

I always knew I wanted a college where I would know my professors and not be a face in a crowded lecture. I visited Ithaca College for the first time my senior year of high school coming from Voorhees, NJ, and knew it was the perfect fit for me. After meeting with different professors, I fell in love with the health care management major because it would allow me to do many different things related to health. After graduation I intend to take all my knowledge from Ithaca College and bring it to a graduate level to acquire a master’s in public health.

In February I was able to compete in the first ever HSHP Interprofessional Case Competition, which allowed me to experience a new way of thinking. In the case competition, I worked hard with my two other teammates who I had never met before. After a long fifteen hours of work, my teammates and I were able to place second in the competition. This memory stood out because of all the faculty members that showed up to the presentation to show their support, as well as getting to put everything I learned in the classroom into practice.

Academic Achievements and Personal Highlights

  • Alumni Philanthropy Award
  • HSHP Interprofessional Case Competition, 2nd Place Winner
  • Study Abroad, CEA (Rome, Italy)
  • Ithaca College Women in Business Network, Travel & Events, Vice President
  • 180 Degree Consulting, Treasurer
  • Internship, Cayuga Medical Center Medical Staffing Office
  • Internship, Virtua Hospital COVID-19 Task Force