Gerardo Pignatiello Lecture

Title of Talk and Date:

"'Ten Cuidado mariposa': Violencia y racionalidad económica de la moral tanguera"

Dr. Gerardo Pignatiello, Binghamton University

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 at 1:10PM

Ithaca Falls Room (Campus Center)

Please Note: Talk will be in Spanish


Dr. Pignatiello will discuss the betrayal plot in tango, and how it explains a variety of relationships: friendship, love, fidelity to the neighborhood, and economic exploitation. To avoid these betrayals, tango lyrics can advise, threaten, or kill. The presentation will explore the representation of these different types of violence in the Golden Age of "tango canción", 1916-1955.

Bio: Gerardo Pignatiello, has a PhD in Hispanic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on crime and detective fiction (literature and film) in the Southern Cone of Latin America. He co-edited two volumes: Crimen y pesquisa. El género policial en la Argentina (1870-2015): literatura, cine, televisión, historieta y testimonio (Blatt&Ríos, 2016), and El género policial en el período clásico (1930-1960) entre Sur y el peronismo: modelos narrativos, tensiones y debates culturales (Libros Medio Siglo, 2021). He is working on his first book El policial campero argentino.