The goals of the minor are to foster greater knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean and to explore the cultural contributions of those areas to the global community.

To earn a minor, you need 18 credits.

  • Students will complete the minor by taking courses on Latin America and/or the Caribbean in at least two different departments, or for more breadth, by choosing courses in several departments.
  • Students must also fulfill a Spanish and French are the two main languages taught at IC, but other languages (e.g., Portuguese, Quechua, Maya, and Aymara) may be considered if you take courses at another college.
  • Only one three-credit course is allowed from the student’s major department. The specific courses are selected according to the students’ interests from a list of approved courses by the Latin American faculty. A total of six transfer credits (three credits grammar/conversation, three credits content) may be used towards the LAS minor as well as three credits from another minor.
  • Students pursuing a minor in Latin American Studies are encouraged to study abroad.

For all details, please look at IC's Academic Catalog, here!

Do you have questions? Please contact the co-directors of LACS below!

Contact Information

Jonathan Ablard

Department of History

Camilo A. Malagón

Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures